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we combine the right teams with the best skills and services to deliver all the integrated elements to exacting standards from concept and ideation, to projection management, activation and evaluation. From venue procurement, permits and licenses to talent sourcing, travel, design and full technical services, no stone is left unturned. Our event management offering is supported by our design and virtual services to offer you an end-to-end solution. The creation and development of event assets and collateral will ensure stronger engagement with your audience and communities before, during and after the event or activation to drive more touch points, measurable results and stronger reach.

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expect clean, balanced, intentional design

Our passionate team of graphic designers ensure that each visual decision made for your brand is a strategic one. In every digital or printed project, color palette selections, custom layouts and typography align harmoniously to effectively display your brand. For already established brands, we familiarize ourselves with, and adhere to, the existing design guidelines. And for developing or reimagining brands, we’ll work to create a look that best matches your individual vision.

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establish your different and better

In today’s competitive marketplace, standing out is more important than ever. Through exploratory conversation and creative brainstorming, let us help establish your identity. Afterwards, we’ll curate fresh marketing materials laden with messages and visuals that accurately and consistently share your brand narrative. Across all platforms, we’ll ensure that your brand story shines through.



see the forest, not the trees

As your marketing partner, we are strategists first and copywriters, editors and designers second. We believe that in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, a strategic perspective is absolutely necessary. Before delving into project work, we prefer to connect with clients to understand or establish and define long-term goals. We then tailor marketing solutions that align with these goals.

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digital marketing

stay in the digital loop

Our team is ready to help you navigate this ever-changing landscape with ease. Suffering from an outdated website? Let us refresh content, update photos and enrich your site with SEO keywords. No time for social media? We’ll help maintain brand-consistent and engaging profiles for your brand. Need more? Our digital expertise also extends to email blasts, digital ad campaigns, e-brochures, digital signage and more.

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print production

quality print at an affordable price

Today, finding an agency that’s knowledgeable in quality print marketing and production can be a challenge. gea madison + more has the expertise and resources necessary to provide you with superior, yet affordable, print services. Through partnerships with some of the most talented printers in the U.S., we’re capable of designing and printing anything from large lobby banners and elevator signs, to meeting planner guides and menus.

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event promotion

exceed your attendance goals

Planning and promoting events can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Let our team provide the marketing materials, proven strategies and necessary tactics for your event, so that your team can focus on execution and operations. From digital ads and radio spots to promotional flyers and Eventbrite pages, we’ll handle the full scope of promotional items needed to ensure that you exceed your event attendance goals.

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market research

discover your customers' preferences

The first step to a successful marketing program or brand strategy is comprehensive market research. We’ll determine whether your customers prefer lime or lemon, bubbly or flat, with in-depth data collection, exploratory focus groups and surveys. Our market research services allow clients to gather and interpret the relevant information needed to make their best, targeted marketing decisions.


content development

seamlessly connect your marketing

Let us handle the hassle of curating content for you that’s not only interesting, but also seamlessly connected to your branded materials. Expect well-researched, relevant SEO keywords and ADA-compliant content woven throughout your blogs, newsletters and web pages. And know that written content, whether a press release or social media post, will sound like it’s coming from one source: you.

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our commitment

making the impossible, possible

As your strategic marketing partner, we’re willing to do what it takes to solve your challenges, even if it falls outside the scope of our usual “services.” We’ve been known to fold custom origami cranes to complete the place-setting of a themed client dinner, assist with guest registration during client events, stand in as extras in a TV campaign and assist with construction and set up post booth design and concepting. As your partner, we promise to go beyond what you might expect of a typical firm.

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