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retreat coordination + management

would you like to host a retreat in a beautiful destination? your group shows up and you have created a magical experience. The depth of learning is so much deeper, when you are all together in an amazing place. retreats allow for a unique bonding opportunity and accelerated growth. your group can learn in a specific setting that YOU have created. You can share delicious meals, movement, excursions and experiences. 
There is a sense of adventure combined with the important part of the equation: stepping our of the everyday life. there is a chance to hold individuals in a sacred space to allow for a unique growing experience.

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plan. support. execute.

If yo see value in this for you and your group you may start to ask some questions. where would i host a retreat? how many people would i invite? what would it cost? what would days be set-up like? 

this is where gm+m comes in, we support you through the entire process. think of us as the wedding planner for your dream retreat. we discuss your goals and visions, to create the best experience for you and the individuals on your retreat. we make the experience fun, stress-free and meaningful for you. 

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