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expect clean, balanced, intentional design

Our passionate team of graphic designers ensure that each visual decision made for your brand is a strategic one. In every digital or printed project, color palette selections, custom layouts and typography align harmoniously to effectively display your brand. For already established brands, we familiarize ourselves with, and adhere to, the existing design guidelines. And for developing or reimagining brands, we’ll work to create a look that best matches your individual vision.

design solutions
Image by Deb Dowd
design: Services


sales collateral

Equip your sales team with the tools they need to successfully sell your business–book rooms, schedule meetings, host weddings and promote seasonal packages and special promotions. Expect custom-curated meeting planner guides, informative fact sheets, enticing wedding brochures and more.
Fact sheets
Meeting planner guides
Rack brochures
Pocket folders

Forest Home

brand development

Brand Development
Cultivate a unique identity
In today’s competitive marketplace, standing out is more important than ever. Through exploratory conversations, creative brainstorming and cohesive marketing materials, let us help establish and develop your unique identity. Deliverables to include:
Brand book development
Logo design
Color palettes and fonts
Cohesive branded collateral

case studies
Palm Trees

property materials

Property Materials
Branding at every touch point
Through thoughtful property collateral like brochures, in-room pieces, elevator signs and menus, we ensure that your brand is consistently and correctly displayed at all marketing touch points within your hotel, spa, restaurant or business, including:
In-room dining menus
Door hangers
Note cards


photography & art direction

Nothing can tell your story or reflect the core of your brand quite like highly styled, real-life photography. Our team includes masters in the art of visual storytelling. Our experienced photographers, stylists and post production team work in unison to produce compositions that are perfectly on-message and that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance online and offline design.

Ultimately, the brand-specific images we create for you are valuable digital assets you can capitalize on for years to come.

Pink Building

experience design

gm+m builds excitement. The excitement that comes from live events where teams connect and create a meaningful culture. The excitement that comes from training programs that empower personal and professional growth. The excitement that comes from technology solutions that engage, enrich and enable.



This is your Product description. Write a short overview including important features, pricing and any other relevant info for a potential buyer. Consider adding an image or video that shows off your great-looking product and entices visitors to make a purchase.

Fern Plant
design: Products
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